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Calendar of Events

Here we may list activities that are scheduled for the next couple of months. Things could change frequently, so it is a good idea to visit this page as often as possible to keep up to date.

September 2006

September 4, 2:00pm - Opening Preaching
September 12, 1:00pm - Adultery Discussion 

September 18, 9:30am - Newlyweds Roundtable 

September 21, 8:00am - New Parents

November 2006

Novermber 2, 12:00pm - Mother's Family Life Discussion

November 5, 10:00am - Serve the Homeless Event

November 11, 6:00pm - Orphanage and their properity

November 28, 6:00pm - Quranic Study 

Our Center is located at 7th Street Eastliegh Nairobi, Kenya